Best Countries to Travel to for Extensive Dental Work

Karl Jobst

Karl Jobst

For those that never heard of it, there is such a thing as dental tourism out there. People need affordable dentistry and with a highly competitive and open world out there, different countries are giving their best to attract foreign customers into their dental office. Here are the best countries you can travel to get extensive dental work done.

1. Mexico

Mexico is the closest dentist tourist destination for the United States. Taking a plane to Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, or Puerto Vallarta is your closest out-of-country option for dental work. All you have to do is cross the border and you can get affordable dental service.

2. Thailand

Thailand is not just a beautiful tropical place. It is the home of some of the most advanced dental hospitals in the world. Dental tourists visit the country all the time – especially in the cities of Phuket and Bangkok.

3. Spain

Spain is becoming more and more affordable for dental patients after the deflation of the Spanish economy.

4. Turkey

Turkey is a great tourist destination to visit while getting your teeth fixed by skilled professionals at a discount price.

5. The Czech Republic

In the beautiful city of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, there are affordably priced dentists. The ticket can sometimes cost less than getting a filling in your neighborhood dentist.

6. Dubai

The city of Dubai includes dental services as a part of its premium guest services.

7. The Philippines

The tropical country has dental services at a good price. The hospitality is also top-notch.

8. Poland

A plane to this post-soviet country will reveal to you a world of affordable dentistry.

9. Costa Rica

A country with a natural and preserved beauty gives a friendly and experienced dental service.

10. Hungary

This is the best country in Europe by a survey to get your dental work done. Some of the best dentists in the world are homed in Hungary.

Travelling can be fun, but sometimes you are just not up for traveling to get dental work done. You can always turn to your local Karl Jobst from Karl Jobst Grove OK. Karl Jobst has is the founder of Karl Jobst Grove OK and has a lifetime of experience in quality dental work for the citizens of Oklahoma.

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