Dr. Sid Solomon Discusses Necessity of Social Media Marketing Across All Industries

dr sid solomon social media marketThere is no executive in any industry that would attempt to make the claim that a strong social media presence is entirely unimportant or only yields a relatively insignificant benefit, but that does not mean that the business practices relating to social media use begin to even approach something resembling ideal. According to Dr. Sid Solomon, far too many business leaders are delegating critical social media responsibilities to entry-level personnel instead of taking full advantage of what is still a rapidly evolving platform for all manner of marketing purposes.

Dr. Solomon, a dentist practicing out of the Greater Los Angeles area, notes that many of his patients fall into a category social media experts refer to as “always-connected customers.” Without a focused and effective approach to social media that encourages a strong digital presence from personnel at every level of the business hierarchy, many companies have created an organizational blind spot that will ultimately harm the business over the long run. There is simply no business or industry that can afford to ignore the absolutely critical nature of fostering consistent digital engagement with potential consumers.

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